An Overdue Release

 I sit here alone Not knowing where I belong. I now see the worst in everyone. Its all wrong. There used to be a space  Where I felt loved. Now I stand on its ashes Staring at the mirror, my reflection holds the matches.  Its funny how much a revelation could change. Like the storm caused by the flap of the butterfly. I watched my world collapse As I chose not to live a lie. Should I have been silent Should I have forgiven The monster that feasted on my fear? Or should I have obeyed Should I have borne The experiences I was taught to endure? the strange truth is, All had asked for, was love. All I had to give, was love As a child I never knew any better Instead, upon me were bestowed Landslides of spite and snark, Unending thunderstorms of wrath My tears then rained on my own blood bath. Mama, I am afraid, I cry Only to realize your love already ran dry. Ah shush you yell without batting an eye Then you sit and wonder why I left, you and your precious beast Drained of affection but fre

Darkness for me.

Darkness for me. Darkness : a partial or total absence of light. But isn't it so much more than that? In today's world of shaming and hate, darkness is a kind escape. In the world of screens and brightness, darkness is a desperate break. Why are the arms of darkness, those of the devil, When all it does today, is protect from this unending peril? This monstrous reality? The dwindling humanity? The unyielding grasp of a screen? That colossal pit unseen? I yearn quite dearly For darkness everyday For a small requisite For a secluded pathway To understand and comprehend This disconcerted reality This maze of uncertainty. I yearn for darkness For in a world of hate, you loved  In a world of judgement, you comforted. No light is too weak for you  And no face too ugly. You do not discriminate, you do not favour. You exist simply for those afraid of your clarity, Afraid of being confronted By their own thoughts, and are hunted By flashes and flings Living in multiple skins A radical s


A LITTLE MORE... Throughout our lives we experience and live through a plethora of universes. This blog is my way of putting into perspective what I gain or lose through each phase. Clarity of thoughts provides clarity in life and I am here to make things a little more clear.  Some days leave us feeling satisfied and blissful. On these days, we have a purpose, a sense of belonging and contentment in our actions and our company. Here, I wish to document these days, helping me understand, a little more,  the individual elements that lead to the "happy" day. Some days leave us feeling restless and motivated, eager to prove to ourselves and the world, our worth and potential. It doesn't take  much to stimulate our minds, even a tweet or a story does the trick. Here, I wish to recognize, a little more, these incidents that encourage and stimulate personal growth.  Some days leave us feeling dejected and miserable. They make us question our worth and belittle our existence, lon